Prowin / SCADA

> ProWinŽ is a high performance SCADA Standard-Software package based upon Client-Server Technology with complete Online-data entry under Windows 2000/XP operating system.
> ProWinŽ is scalable from a small single operator MMI system up to complex cross-redundant Networking system with more than 100.000 Process variables and up to 60 Operator workstations.
> ProWinŽ is neutral to the application and may be configured to the requirements of the respective field of application. ProWin Basic software packages are available for standard applications which may be upgraded or extended by higher grade software modules.
> ProWinŽ is compatible to the main Industry Standards and offers, beside low purchase and operating cost, a high investment security. Supply company specific optimising software allows for fast return of investment.
> ProWinŽ an open system and is thus easily adapted to an existing IT-Infrastructure und Automation environment. Communication to other systems is offered over a wide variety of standard interfaces. Individual data display is possible via an Intranet/Internet-Server.
> ProWinŽ is specifically suitable for the connection to SCADA RTU's. Correct processing of Process data with time stamp, integrated dial-up service with call timing table, direct processing of RTU, specific handlich of total scan and impulse counter values both using fixed or dial-up communication lines are contained as key elements of the basic ProWin SCADA system concept.


Reference examples:

Automation: Water Supply System

Water Supply System

Automation: Railway Power Supply

Railway Power Supply