Our activity switchgear comprises low voltage gear, low voltage and medium voltage cabinets as well as the range of high voltage

As basic modules we employ equipment of the following lines:

> LTSIST fuse isolators
> LS 4 up to LS 307 contactors
> MBS motor protective switches
> ME breakers
> Gerapid CC ultrarapid breakers
> Low voltage transformers for measuring
> ESS electronic controls

Other switchgear e. g. for railways can be found under rail equipment.

Low voltage switch cabinets

We supply standard factory assembled switch cabinets and type tested motor cabinets. The following sketch shows the standard modular cabinet of a motor protective cabinet SEV 32.



Particularly for breakers there is a preference for plug-in technique. It allows a maintenance and inspection of the breaker in service with short intervals. The plug-in breaker will be pushed into the plug holder (firm portion) across sliding rails. After plugging in the breaker the electrical connection of the main conductors is obtained through contact bridges, which are mounted on a mobile frame of isolating material elastically.


Switch cabinet SEK with feeder breaker ME 07 and vertical fuse arrangements HSE

Open breaker in detail

This is an example of a special application for a client:


DC switch cabinet for railways with Gerapid 2607 in draw out technique


Medium voltage switch cabinets

We supply our clients of the power generation industry equipment of maximum economy for power distribution and conversion. A key element within the networks of power suppliers is the switch equipment. With our partners in the factories we plan, design, manufacture and supply switch equipment for high, medium and low voltage. Special requirements can be met, e. g. for electric arc furnaces or ladle furnaces.


Example of an executed, triple comparted, air insulated medium voltage station with draw out breakers.


AEG vacuum switch gear

AEG VAA Vacuum circuit-breaker: up to 38,5 kV; up to 2,5 kA (4 kA) AEG VAA Vacuum circuit-breaker (furnace switch)


The AEG energy block is a distribution station for inner-factory supply lines. For decentralized supplies in industries our stations can be fitted to the requirements of our clients. Such stations can be designed of various combinable cabinets:

> Medium voltage switch cabinets
> Transformer
> Low voltage switch cabinets, if required with a compensation plant

AEG Energy block Factory assembled switch unit consisting of breakers (72 kV up to 145 kV) complete with isolator and protection