Starting inverters

For refurbishing power stations we design and supply starting inverters for gas turbine sets with approx. 4 MW and large hydro turbine sets with a starting output up to 20 MW.

Start up system for generator and turbine shaft

Start up inverter for hydro generator

For multiple alternator plants we supply commutation gear, so that one starting inverter can start e.g. 3 alternators.


Power electronic equipment for control of motor and alternator in pump storage plants

The following picture shows a 10 kV inverter for a synchronous alternator of 21,3 MW for reequipment of a pump storage plant. This 6-pulse inverter with intermediate circuit with constant current makes it possible to control the speed of a machine set with primary and secondary control of the line. Detailed information about the execution of the plant is available as pdf file.


High current plants and supplies for electrolysis and arc furnaces

We supply large DC converters for steel melting furnaces (EAF). For the chemical industry and different electrolysis plants we design water cooled rectifiers and transformers. The plants will be laid out according to the local requirements. We can supply rectifiers up to 1200 V and 40 kA in B6 connection or approx. 300 V and 60 kA with interphase transformers.. According to the requirements we can supply rectfiers with thyristors or diodes.