AEG Rolling Stock - Components, Traction Power Supply and Information Systems

AEG Industrial Engineering service provides world-wide support for OEM spare parts and provision of components and expert manpower for new projects and modernisation.


Components for Rolling Stock

AEG supplies high-class components and sub-systems for rolling stock.

IGBT Drive Controller (VFD, VVVS)

Traction Motors - DC and AC


CCDs - Current Collection Devices

    Onboard Power Supply – Static Inverters, Chargers


Contactors and Couplers



Traction Power Supply

Long-standing experience in rail traction power supply enables AEG to offer complete turnkey power substations for AC and DC traction grids as well as a broad scope of components, such as circuit breakers, rectifiers, switchgears and transformers.

Typical Substation Wall of Switchboards

Circuit Breakers, outfitted for SCADA Remote Control


Traction Power Distribution

AEG offers complete rail power distribution systems for Third Rail or Overhead Line design, including stray current protection and other components.

Third Rail System - here in a stabling area

Catenary Systems - for urban and long - distance networks


Passenger Information Systems

Onboard applications - high resolution displays

Station Displays - energy saving LED technology


Rail Communication

State-of-the-art TETRA Radio Infrastructure for voice and data communication takes account of the specific requirements of rail operations. Applications for passenger information, GPS tracking, train protection and onboard WiFi ensure smooth operation and enhanced safety and passenger comfort

Transceiver Antennae of a radio base station

Operations Control Center with Communication Apps


Power Quality and Power Backup (UPS; ESPS)

It is indispensable to cater for a reliable power supply for all electrical rail infrastructure. AEG provides for securing both power quality and emergency supply a broad range of solutions.

Scaleable UPS and rectifiers for all types of current

Emergency standby power system (ESPS) on blackout


Our Service Staff – good from experience

Installing a diesel unit for auxiliary power supply

Mounting an overhead catenary