Spare parts and repair, commissioning and maintenance

After-sales service of AEG means:

Spare parts delivery, repair, commissioning, maintenance, training for all industrial applications.


AEG IE AG • Distribution Headquaters • D-14199 Berlin


Customer Service/Engineering

Technical specification for inquiry


Spare Parts Service

Delivery of spare parts


Commissioning Service

Assembly, function test, FAT


Repair Service

Error analysis, troubleshooting


Maintenance Service

Inspection and maintenance


Taining After Sales & Service

Training, spare parts usage, maintenance


For all questions:

 +49 (0)30 820 99 490

Qualified and experienced AEG employees know their daily tools inside out. AEG's After-Sales Service is responsible worldwide for all questions and services relating to the use and operation of all AEG products and numerous electrotechnical products from other manufacturers. Wherever electrotechnical products are used in industrial applications, AEG Customer Service is a helpful, competent and reliable contact.

"AEG Service Excellence" is the answer to maximum safety and functionality of your plant throughout the entire service life of all AEG products used.

  • Matching spare parts guarantee optimum functionality of your equipment
  • Maximized production times
  • Longer service life of your equipment
  • High performance of your equipment
  • Cost efficiency
  • Higher profit

AEG Industrial Engineering Aktiengesellschaft, Representative Headquarters in D-14199 Berlin

Spare parts, service and maintenance of industrial plants

AEG Industrial Engineering global

AEG Industrial Engineering is supplier for industrial customers worldwide. For existing plants and applications we deliver spare parts, components and service. For AEG components and model series which are no longer available respectively discontinued we can naturally offer an alternative.

We are your partner for:

  • Digital exciter control equipment for rotative exciters of synchonous alternators and motors of 2 to 50 MW
  • Static exciter equipment for alternators of 20 to 1200 MVA
  • Revamping of rotative exciters into static exciters
  • Starting invertors for gas turbine power stations or mixed duty equipment
  • Rectifiers for the control of pump storage plants
  • High current equipment for the supply of electrolysis and furnaces

AEG Industrial Engineering AG • Distribution Headquaters • D-14199 Berlin • Germany