AEG: UPS systems for reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, with AEG technology safe, robust, reliable. Everything from a single source: project planning, design, delivery, commissioning, maintenance, service and spare parts supply. For all static and rotating UPS systems.

Weak grids are increasingly causing power failures, resulting in damage to machines and computers. Automated processes are thus severely disrupted. Downtimes of equipment, production losses and loss of information occur. Especially hospitals, banks and traffic control systems can be protected with the following products:

  1. UPS For Information Technology And Computers
  2. UPS For Universal Applications
  3. UPS For Industry
  4. Rotating UPS / CPS (Conditioned Power Supply) System


Energy transition

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research sees the challenges of the energy transition, which has been accelerated especially by the Ukraine war, and writes:

"The prosperity of our society depends on a functioning energy supply. Without electricity, heat and mobility, our everyday life is no longer conceivable. The goal of the energy transition is therefore to realize a secure, economical and environmentally compatible energy supply."

Without robustly operating UPS systems, reliable protection against grid disturbances, the resulting data loss and downtime cannot be achieved. 

AEG Industrial Engineering helps customers secure and control their power needs in all application and deployment areas.