Switch cabinets for SEE, SFC, SVC

AEG SEE Exciter Systems for Synchronous Machines across the whole range of output performance categories


System Design

• TC – static (excitation through slip ring)

• DC – brushless


System Options

• Standard exciters (for power stations)

• Traction functions

• Maritime implementations



• Augmented monitoring unit

• Rotor insulation measuring

• Firing impulse sequence amplifier

• Excess voltage protection

• Thyristor control unit

• Software oscilloscope

Excitation systems and Start-up Frequency Converters

Excitation system (SEE)

The most common applications for exciter systems (SEE) are gas, nuclear, coal and hydropower generators with a power from 1 MVA up to several hundred MVA and exciter current up to approx. 6000 A.

AEG exciter systems are now supplied under the product name SEMI Exciter® for synchronous motors and generators. Our scope of supply includes generator protection if required. Our static exciter systems have been successfully used worldwide for many years.

Start-up Frequency Converters (SFC)

Numerous plants in power generation, chemicals, plastics and rubber processing as well as natural gas distribution in Germany and abroad have been equipped by AEG with SFC/LCI drives.

The synchronous machines have also proven themselves in the rough everyday operation of test equipment and various other applications in industry.

In gas turbine power plants, the power plant generator is used as the motor for start-up and is ramped up to the ignition speed of the generator set with the help of our LCI.

In hydropower units, our LCI also serves as a start-up aid for the turbines and generators.


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