Power generation: engineering, development, project planning, commissioning and maintenance of power generation equipment

  • Power generation sets with diesel and gas engines up to 55MVA
  • Generators for power generation with gas and steam turbines
  • Converters and inverters for the control of turbines and pumps of hydraulic power plants
  • Uninterruptible power supply for information technology, industries and miscellaneous use

Since the foundation in 1887, AEG has built many power plants worldwide, driven by water, gas, coal or nuclear. In the year 1969, AEG and Siemens merged their power plant activities and founded KWU. AEG Industrial Engineering provides service for all AEG power plants.
The following picture shows a machine hall with generator, turbine and high voltage pump motors delivered by AEG. In case of spare part requests, please submit the fabrication number as mentioned in the type plate.