Transformers are core elements within a power supply network. We supply large transformers, grid transformers and special transformers. We offer the complete range of transformers and supplementary components for substations and distribution stations. The power range extends from smaller outputs, e.g. 1000 kVA 20 / 0.4 kV, to power transformers with 1100 MVA 525 / 330 / 110 / 6.3 kV.

In addition to transformers for standard applications AEG Industrial supplies special user-specific solutions. These include, for example, transformers for arc furnaces with built-in chokes, transformers for excitation systems, test field transformers, special transformers and other combined solutions. We offer complete solutions from a single source, i.e. engineering, quotation preparation, project management including delivery, commissioning and service.

Maintenance of transformers

Our service technicians offer on-site inspection and maintenance of your transformer for systems in operation. The scope of services includes

  • External visual inspection of the transformer
  • Repair of minor leaks
  • Checking the monitoring devices
  • Taking oil samples
  • Insulation measurement
  • Checking the on-load tap-changer

Special transformers

AEG Industrial Engineering designs and supplies rectifiers for electrolysis and EAF transformers. We also supply EAF chokes for arc furnaces. We procure low-priced second-hand transformers and spare parts from the stock of German steel manufacturers for urgent requirements.