Capacitors in various formats and building techniques, of course free of PCB and SF6. Our capacitors consist of low-loss coiled metallised polypropylene foils, which are processed to cylindric aluminium cases. The following types are available on short call.

AEG CapacitorsTDG, TDGplus
Three-phase high power capacitorsMKK, MKP
Single phase capacitorsPAB DPM, PRB DPM
Gas dry capacitors 
Gas capacitors 
High-performance capacitors 


Inductors in various formats and types, of course with low power dissipation and high durability.

Filter circuit inductorsDD6NM - DD16NM
Discharge inductors 




Controller and analytical devices

Reactive Power ControllerRP-con 1100, RE, RO
Power AnalyzerBLR-CX, BLR-CM
Capacitor protective relaysBLR-CA, BLR-CB, BLR-CC, BLR-MC, BLR-K, BLR-BK, EMM3, EMM4, EMM5
Voltage control relaysKSR, VCR, VSR

Control components for various applications

Alternating current contactorsK
Rotary current contactorsLS
Capacitor contactorsLS-KCW
Direct voltage contactors 
DC-bus contactors 
Rail contactorsHzS-Sch├╝tze
Switch relaysRH(M)1000, RH(M)1003, RH(M)1004



Compensation equipmentAE TDG
Dynamic compensationMKK
Passive filters, filter circuitsAcF
Active filters 

AEG Power Capacitors Catalogue 2020